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Laser Hair Removal for Men

Laser hair removal experts

Laser Hair Removal for Men


Whether leading an active lifestyle or simply working to improve appearance, The LaserDerm Clinic understands that laser hair removal is an integral part of helping men look their best.

Male clients expect the same levels of service, professionalism and discretion that The LaserDerm Clinic provides all its clients and accordingly, since opening in 2004, The LaserDerm Clinic has seen a vast increase in the number of men coming in for treatments.

The LaserDerm Clinic treats all areas of the body. A growing number of male clients are choosing to laser the face and neck area to eliminate the need for shaving every day. This radically improves the condition of the skin as it is no longer being irritated by constant shaving. The chest, arms and legs are also popular with our male clients as it means the end of ingrown hairs and there is no in‑between stubble.

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